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The team at Roundhouse has been given various briefs from the Estate Factor and they vary from building to building.   The work ranges from reasonably simple refurbishment or extension projects to more complex conservation projects.

We began by carrying out an appraisal of all vacant buildings on the estate to assess their condition in order to prepare a strategy and prioritise the work flow and agree upon timescales to complete the work.

Our tasks include surveying each building and site, firstly preparing a set of existing drawings from which we agree the initial concept and brief for each project.

Working on the picturesque Fasque Estate has been a unique opportunity for the team at Roundhouse.  Like every project it has its own challenges.  One such challenge that was very interesting was an issue that one of the building had in regards to a roof leak that was being caused by trees, which had grown over the years.  These were shading the snow fall on certain parts of the roof and in these shaded areas the roof outlets were iced over. In the roof areas where sun reached, the snow melted but the water could not reach a clear outlet and began to seep through the roof as the water level began to rise. Frost stat controlled heat traces were proposed to ensure rainwater outlets remained clear.

Some of the projects required a working knowledge of the Licensing Protection Laws regarding Bats & Owls and mitigation measures were taken to protect the endangered species as part of the project plan.

The varied scope of work makes this a very interesting project overall.  Removing the roofs and stripping back many of the buildings to their bare stonework has allowed for complete refurbishments to take place.  The buildings we have worked upon have been restored to their former glory, having lain empty for many years.

Particular highlights of this project include the Laundry Cottage extension and the conversion of the Old School at Glen Dye, pictures of which you can see above in the gallery.

The key to our success on this particular project has been our ability to work steadily, within budget and communicating well by holding regular meetings with the client to ensure that the team is working towards their objectives at all times.

Another of the projects we were given by the Fasque Estate - the Apple Store - would go onto be given an acclaimed design award.  Read more about the story here.

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