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Fasque Portrait

Having worked for Fasque & Glen Dye Estates for some time, I felt as though I had rather become part of the “building estate” - the team looking at upgrading and maintaining the building stock. This close working relationship brought me in touch with the estate family as I would call them. The “estate family” being the others working around the estate either at the big house (Fasque) and estate office or on the hills tending to the game birds and Deer, or the Christmas Tree workers and Organic farming side, all a friendly bunch who made me feel part of their day to day work.

It was therefore quite pleasing when in 2006 the Estate owner Charles Gladstone commissioned a professional photographer, Paddy Cook to capture a day in the life on the Estate.

The commission was then presented in hard copy book to all members of the team which was a lovely gesture as keep-sake. Great memories and great people to work with.

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